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In order to process your order, please read and sign the Lease Agreement below.

  • Today's Date:
  • Just Lease It Lease-Purchase Agreement

  • In this agreement "we", "us", and JLI mean the lease company. "You and "your" mean the leasee(s).
  • 1. The merchandise you are leasing is:
  • 2. Condition of the merchandise is NEW
  • 3. Terms On initial lease payment and all other payments: You will pay the following plus tax:
  • Your Rental Protection Premium (10% of payment) is:
  • 4. Rental Purchase Option You do not own this merchandise. You will not own the merchandise unless you make the following weekly payments:
  • For the following total, unless you choose to pay the full amount of the cash price and a processing fee of (10%) of the cash price. This offer is only good for the first 90 days of your lease purchase agreement. These amounts do not include any tax, processing fee or late fees that may be due on the account
  • 5. Renewal and Termination Rights You are required to make (9) nine weekly, or (2) two monthly lease payments. After that you may terminate this lease. You may renew by either auto debit to JLI or by accessing our "pay online" tool at web site. Payments must be made on or before the next due date. Upon termination of this lease you will be required to return the leased product to the lessor's place of business in its original packaging. You may have us pick up merchandise. A fee for pickup will be charged at the rate of $1 per mile with a $10 minimum fee. At the time of termination and return you must pay us all lease payments, late fees, trip fees, and any additional monies owed to us attributed to the collection of your account at the time this agreement is terminated. This may include but not limited to attorney fees. We may terminate this agreement at any time you fail to meet its conditions. We may choose to reinstate this agreement once you comply with its terms and conditions.
  • 6. Late Charges If your payment is Late we may at our discretion terminate this agreement. If you fail to make your payment on or before your due date you will be charged $6 for each weekly period you maintain this late status. If your agreement is in default you agree to allow us to contact your references about your account with us.
  • 7. Trip Fees A $1 per mile fee from our office address (with a minimum of $10) will be charged if a representative from JLI is dispatched to your home to collect a renewal payment. This fee can be avoided by making timely payments or suitable payment arrangements with JLI. I agree and understand this charge.
  • 8. Reinstatement If you fail to make a Timely Renewal Payment you have the Right to Reinstate this rental agreement by paying all past due lease payments, late payment fees, and or trip fees, provided (1) you Voluntarily Returned the property to us, if requested and (2) not more than the Equivalent of Three Lease Terms have passed since you made a timely renewal payment.
  • 9. Damage Waiver If the merchandise is damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed You are fully responsible for the loss, theft, or destruction of the leased merchandise. In the event of such loss, theft, or destruction we can demand payment in full as described in Early Purchase Option (item 11) or you agree to pay us the full Program Price of the leased merchandise. It is in your best interest to provide insurance satisfactory to us protecting our property against loss or damage while you are leasing such property. In place of such insurance you may elect to pay a Rental Protection fee by signing below and authorizing the addition of this fee to your regular lease purchase payment. The cost of our Rental Protection is 10% of your regular lease payment or $1.50 minimum. Failure to provide acceptable insurance on our property or to pay the "Rental Protection" fee obligates your for any and all damages or losses to our property in your possession (see attachment for further description of what is or is not covered).
  • 10. Return of Property on Termination If this agreement is Terminated by you or us, you will arrange to return the property immediately to our corporate address. You are responsible for the cost of the return to us. If you cannot return our property you will make immediate access available to JLI personnel. A fee (addressed in item 5) will be charged. Additionally you agree to pay all lease payments or other fees that you owe to us upon retrieval of the merchandise.
  • 11. Early Purchase Option If you have complied with all the terms of this agreement, we, JLI, will allow you to exercise an "early purchase option". This early purchase option goes into effect after your 90 days same as cash provision expires. To determine this early purchase price, subtract 50% of all lease payments made from the Program Price (item 12). Before any EPO can be processed your lease payments, Early Payout Processing fee (10% of item cost) and any fees owed must be up to date and current.
  • 12. Program Price The program price (retail price) of the item at the time of this agreement is the following amount plus any applicable sales tax. The Program Price includes your payments, a 10% Early Payout Processing fee and your delivery fee.
  • 13. Same as Cash Price During the first 90 days of your lease purchase agreement you may pay this agreement off by paying the Program Price (retail price) plus a processing fee of 10% of said price. On the 91st day after your lease is executed please refer to Early Purchase Option (item 11).
  • 14. Warranty and Service All items leased from JLI are new and in their original state and condition. Any manufacturers warranties. We will assist you in the processing of any such warranty claim. If a claim to repair your product is needed you must contact our offices and we will initiate the claim. Any cost of repair above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty is to be paid by you, the lessee.
  • 15. Location of Merchandise You agree to Keep the merchandise at the Address Shown Above or otherwise provided by you. If you move you must notify us in advance and receive written permission prior to moving the merchandise to a new location. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Failure to notify us will be considered a Breach of this agreement which may result in termination and you may be liable.
  • 16. Receipt of Merchandise Once you are in receipt of the leased merchandise you must inspect it for condition. If you find anything unusual about its condition that finding must be reported to our office within 72 hours of receipt. If JLI is not notified of any unusable breakage or damage or failure to operate it will be assumed you have made this inspection and found the goods to be new and in good working order. Condition will be assumed to be as described (item 1).
  • 17. You understand that you Cannot sell, mortgage, pledge, pawn, transfer, assign, sublease, or in any other way encumber the leased merchandise. We retain the right to sell, transfer, assign, or encumber our interest in this lease agreement and/or this leased merchandise. JLI makes no warranty of merchantability of this merchandise described in (item 1) or the fitness of such merchandise for any purpose. You fully understand and agree not to hold JLI liable or responsible for any loss, damage, or personal injury arising from the use of the merchandise as described (item 1).
  • 18. Modification of the Agreement This agreement may only be modified if Both Parties Consent to any changes in writing.
  • 19. Authorization to Contact Employer or References JLI or any of its agents are authorized to contact your references or your employer for the purposes of confirming your employment, present location, present status, or in the event of default or fail to keep contact or assist JLI in locating you or to assist for the collection of money or merchandise. You understand that this is a consideration of the lease and you hold JLI, your references, or your employer harmless by these actions. You authorize the release of said information to assist JLI. This authorization is Non Cancellable by You.
  • NOTICE: This lease agreement is regulated by State Law and may be enforced by the Attorney General or by Private Legal Action. No refunds may be given for any reason. You are not obligated to keep the merchandise after the initial two month period has expired.
  • Lease Purchase Agreement
    Arbitration Clause

    You and we agree that any claim or dispute between us or by either of us against the other arising from or related to this agreement must be resolved by binding arbitration by and under The Code of Procedure of the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) then in effect. Rules and forms of the NAF may be obtained on the internet or by telephone at 800-474-2371, or by mail at P.O. Box 50191, Minneapolis, MN The arbitration will be conducted before a single arbitrator. The arbitration will be held in your town or another mutually agreeable location in person, by telephone, or online. Any award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon each of the parties and may be entered as a judgment in any court or competent jurisdiction.

    We will pay the filing fee if you want to file a claim against us.

    This arbitration agreement is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce and shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. Sections 1-16 Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent either of us from pursuing a claim or dispute in the appropriate small claims court instead of going to arbitration as long as the claim or dispute is within the jurisdictional limits of that court. If for any reason, a claim or dispute that begins in small claims court later is changed so that it exceeds that court's jurisdiction, then the entire dispute must then be submitted to arbitration.

    This agreement to arbitrate will survive the termination of this Lease Agreement. No class actions or joinder or consolidation of any claim or dispute with the claim or any other person are permitted in arbitration without the written consent of both you and us.


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