Nabi 5″ Tablet NABIJRNV5B

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5.0″ Touchscreen, high-resolution (800 x 480), Android Jelly Bean, tablet designed just for kids, NVIDIA Tegra 1GHz, dual-core processor, 4GB storage, capacitive touchscreen and rotating front and back camera.




The Nabi 5″ Tablet NABIJRNV5B educational entertainment system that is so much more than a toy! For children ages 0-5, the Nabi Jr. Tablet PC 5.0″ Touchscreen, Nabi NABIJRNV5B 5″ Tabletis the world’s first full-featured Android tablet for kids. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 1GHz, dual-core processor, 4GB storage, a 5″, high-resolution (800 x 480), capacitive touchscreen and rotating front and back camera, the Nabi Jr Tablet PC 5.0″ Touchscreen, NABIJR-NV5A is a breakthrough in a category filled with low-quality toys.

Nabi Jr Tablet 5inch:


90 Days Same as Cash Price $189.00


Product Features

Nabi 5″ Tablet NABIJRNV5B with WiFi 5.0″ Touchscreen Tablet PC:

Technical Specifications:
1GHz NVIDIA Tegra Dual-Core Mobile processor
4GB on-board storage memory
The Nabi Tablet WiFi features a 5.0″ touchscreen, 800 x 480 resolution
Built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth

Additional Features:
Back webcam and front webcam
Dock connector port
4GB on-board storage memory
The Nabi Tablet WiFi has a rechargeable battery
Weighs 1.5 lbs; 6.8″ x 0.90″ x 4.1″ dimensions

Software and Applications:
Nabi WiFi Featuring Android-Based Operating System
eBooks, Videos, Creativity Studios, Wings, Games
1,000 kid-friendly apps
Music Player

Media Formats:
Most Popular media formats

What’s in the Box:
Tablet, battery and AC adapter

What’s a Tablet PC?
Tablet PCs are compact, ultra-portable entertainment devices that let you read email, surf the internet, read eBooks, view photos, play games, listen to music and watch video files. Most tablets are based on a smaller operating system, which allows you to purchase and download additional applications from supported stores. Tablet PCs do not have a CD/DVD drive and will not run Microsoft Windows or its applications. Tablet PCs function as a secondary device for casual entertainment purposes, and are not meant to replace a computer. They are ideal for use around the home and on the go with WiFi or 3-4g mobile broadband connections (pay as you go, contract may be required for service).


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